How to Clean Your Air Ducts

Are you experiencing any coughing or dry eyes lately from inside your home? This could be result of a dirty air duct in your home. The air filter traps dirt and keeps it from entering your home. If it is not cleaned regularly, the dust and dirt can accumulate, and cause a wide variety of health problems. Air duct cleaning is essential to remove harmful molds, fungus, bacteria, dust, dirt, and ultimately increase the quality of air inside your home. Many homeowners typically forget to clean their HVAC systems, which can significantly impact your health, within time. Here are a few helpful tips you can use to clean your air ducts.

  • Clean Your HVAC System – You need to make sure that the HVAC system is turned off. Once you’ve turned the system off, remove the dust covers.  You can clean the dust covers with a mild household cleaner while they’re off.  Always wear gloves and a mask, to keep you safe from any harmful bacteria and dust.
  • Start the Cleaning – Vacuum out the inside of the ducts by using the extension hose. You will want to get the hose in as far as you can reach in order to remove as much dust, particles and other allergens as possible. Make sure to wipe the dust covers before you put them back in.
  • Finishing Touches – Always make sure to double check that each area within the air ducts is clean. You should have a flashlight to help guide your way through the dark areas. You can also gently brush any filters that are located inside.
  • Upgrade Your Filters – You should always upgrade the air filters on your furnace, and consider buying an air purifier. The end result will increase the quality of the air you breathe, and decrease any unwanted health risks that are typically associated with neglected air ducts.

Call a Pro

Although you can do a lot of cleaning yourself, most people would generally prefer to call a professional. You will need to enlist the help of a professional if your air ducts are hard to reach or if mold has already begun to form. You really can’t take any chances when it comes to your health and well-being. At Rescue 911, we work with a fantastic team of air duct cleaners that will quickly get to the root of the problem, and completely purify your air ducts. We also use the proper equipment and safety procedures to get rid of all that unwanted dirt and dust that has been trapped inside your air ducts. We are available 24/7, in case of emergencies. Don’t let that harmful dust get a chance to accumulate, and cause you severe health problems. Give us a call today, and leave the dirty work to the pros!