Important tricks to impede the growth of mold in the basement

Mold is a frustration and a danger to nearly every home in the country. Whether it’s humidity in the summers, condensation in the winters, or flooding year round, trying to keep mold at bay can be pretty difficult. One of the toughest places to keep mold from growing is the basement. Let’s discuss prevention and treatment of mold in basement and crawl spaces.

Prevention of Mold

For toxic black mold to grow, there are certain conditions that an environment must provide. Since homes are naturally made of organic materials that mold thrives upon, the best thing you can do to really prevent the growth of mold is prevent moisture in your home- especially in the basement. Mold requires about 24 hours of moisture and a hospitable environment to grow, so quick response is KEY. Regularly inspect your basement or crawl space. Check plumbing for leaks and get any leaks fixed immediately. Condensation may seem harder to prevent, but keeping room thermostats a little warmer and installing insulation around pipes, windows, and water tanks can do it. Also, purchasing a dehumidifier for your basement is often a great way to keep moisture out of the air.

Treating Mold

If you have identified mold in basement or crawl spaces, then treatment is essential and should happen nearly immediately. Calling for a professional in this situation is often necessary, as there are specific chemicals that must be used and procedures that should be followed. Bleach and hydrogen peroxide will not eliminate spores in porous materials properly, and mold is highly dangerous when kicked up into the air and caught into your respiratory system. This means that at the very least, when treating mold in the basement, make sure to wear protective gear including respirators, goggles, and gloves. Air out the room as best you can, get as much sunlight in the room as possible, and do your research so that you can make sure to eliminate the spores on the surface as well as those buried within the pores of your home.