Some people tend to belittle mold and its effects. They find it inconsequential. They think of it as a mere nuisance, at best. Those people are sorely mistaken. Mold is the cause for many afflictions, varying in their potential for damage.
Mold can cause aesthetical problems with floors, walls, or even furniture, making them look old and damaged. Besides aesthetics, mold can release unpleasant odors throughout the house making living within its confines less then desirable. Furthermore, mold means mold spores. People living in a house that has air in it affluent with mold spores will probably grow allergic symptoms and suffer from numerous health related issues. Some types of mold are toxic and release toxic fumes into the air, causing even greater damage to those inhibiting such houses.

I suspect I have mold somewhere in my house – what should I do?

Should you suspect you have mold hidden somewhere in your home, a wise first step would be using a mold home test kit. These kits are quite easy to use and they provide good enough preliminary results.
Beyond using said home kits, you can always contact a professional service provider to run extensive mold tests which serve several goals. Such tests:

• Conclusively determine whether or not there’s mold growing in your house
• Locate its origins
• Determine what kind of mold grows in your house
• Examine air quality and mold spores presence
• Verify mold removal processes’ effectiveness

Rescue 911 – mold doctors

Rescue 911 specializes in exactly that – detecting mold and banishing it for good. If you believe a home kit is not enough give us a call. We’re always available and always have several professional crews on call.
Say no to mold! Give us a call!