There are many scenarios that might lead to the infestation of mold in your home. But whether it’s simply regular humidity in the attic or a basement flood that isn’t completely dried up, keeping your home free of mold is ESSENTIAL! Mold is a silent predator: it doesn’t smell until it’s far too prevalent for comfort, it prefers dark spaces where you won’t easily find it, and it can grow quickly! When mold has been discovered in your home or when you’re worried that you might have a mold problem in the home, then that is the moment to call for 911 Remediation, the X mold abatement experts!

Mold abatement is a procedure that experts will carefully follow as they approach mold remediation in your home. This procedure begins with identification of the mold. When the mold has been determined as toxic or non-toxic, your team should set about to carefully remove all portions of the home that have been infected with the spores of the mold. An over-ambitious homeowner should not attempt this as the spores are the most dangerous part of mold abatement. Professionals will bring with them the right tools for the work, which prominently includes dust masks and body suits.

During mold abatement your remediation experts at 911 Remediation will attend to the mold problem wearing the proper protective gear. They will contain the mold spores and work in negative pressure conditions so that any mold spores that are kicked up by the cleaning are carefully directed outside the house. The home will then be cleaned using special commercial grade chemicals that eradicate mold from even porous surfaces. Once all of the mold has been removed, all belongings in the room will be cleaned. All rubbish and other materials that have been removed must be discarded outside to keep the home free of this infestation.

Do not wait long to get your home tested for mold. Instead, choose to simply get your home tested on a semi-regular basis. With a remediation team like 911 Remediation on your side, mold can be beaten quickly, and you can rest easy knowing your mold abatement is in the hands of experts.