Water damage can definitely cause a wide variety of problems for your home. Water damage also paves the way for mold to breed and nest. Mold chooses to breed and grow in areas that are dark, moist and damp. The most common areas to find mold growing is in your basement and bathrooms, where the atmosphere is perfect for them. If not spotted at an early stage, mold can quickly turn into black mold. Black mold can severely impact your health and well-being. The most common symptoms generally include, eye irritation, runny nose, and breathing problems. Beside for the health risk factor, mold can also cause a tremendous decrease in your property as well. Mold can ruin furniture, wooden floors, and ultimately cause your property to drop in value. If you are a homeowner that is looking to sell your house at some point, an appraiser will take extra caution to notice any health hazards that can decrease the value. Appraisers need to learn the topic of mold carefully to assure that their perception of mold contamination does not unfairly lead to a lowered appraisal.

That’s why it is so essential to capture and kill the harmful bacteria early on. A mold remediation specialist will know exactly how to get rid of the problem, and completely sanitize all areas that have been affected. Black mold is a serious problem, and must be prevented immediately. You should never hesitate to contact a professional after you’ve experienced some form of water damage in your house. A mold remediation specialist will also be able to provide your home with an air quality test. You should never stay in a house that has been contaminated with mold, which is why, it is imperative that you contact a specialist right away.

Who Can Help?

When it comes to the best services in mold remediation, removal, testing and inspection, Rescue 911, clearly stands above the rest. Our team of mold remediation specialists will provide a full inspection on each area that has been contaminated by mold. They will conduct a full test to check the quality of air. Once we gather up a sample of the disgusting bacteria, it will be sent to our lab, where it will be fully evaluated. As soon as the tests come back, we will then know the root cause, and how to kill it early on. There is nothing more important than breathing clean air, especially in your own home. We are a safe and reliable company that operates 24/7. We offer the best rates, and provide you with the best quality services. Don’t let that mold ruin your property or your health! Give us a call today.