Soda blast cleaning

Soda blast is a great method for cleaning a huge variety of surfaces, from many different kinds of dirt. And it is very affordable. What is soda blast cleaning? Soda blast cleaning is surprisingly simple- it is using sodium bicarbonate, … Read more

Mold Growing in Bathroom

Mold growing in the bathroom is a problem that can arise relatively quickly due to that moisture, and because the health of your family may be affected by mold in the bathroom, you need to know how to combat its … Read more

Mold Home Test Kit

Some people tend to belittle mold and its effects. They find it inconsequential. They think of it as a mere nuisance, at best. Those people are sorely mistaken. Mold is the cause for many afflictions, varying in their potential for … Read more

Mold Remediation Process

Mold remediation process is needed when there are mold and mildew grow in some areas of the house. This needs to be urgently done because mold do not only destruct the portion of the house structure but it also causes … Read more

Mold In Basement

Important tricks to impede the growth of mold in the basement Mold is a frustration and a danger to nearly every home in the country. Whether it’s humidity in the summers, condensation in the winters, or flooding year round, trying … Read more

Mold Exposure

There are many things that can affect a home and leave their mark upon those living within. Among the many disasters and crises that take their toll, mold exposure is perhaps one of the least well known. Mold exposure is … Read more

Mold Abatement

There are many scenarios that might lead to the infestation of mold in your home. But whether it’s simply regular humidity in the attic or a basement flood that isn’t completely dried up, keeping your home free of mold is … Read more

Mold and Health

Mold can eventually lead to black mold if left untreated. Black mold carries severe health consequences that could cause cancer, blindness and even death. Mold has a musty smell that can slowly spread throughout the ventilation crawl spaces and cause … Read more

Crawl Space

Avoiding Mold with a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Crawl space vapor barriers are used to prevent moisture from passing through ceiling, wall or floor structures. Moisture allows the onset formation of mold, which could eventually lead to a more sinister … Read more

Taking Care of Mold

Will Bleach Work? While it is widely accepted that molds are dangerous to the inhabitants of a home or office, many people do not take the threat seriously enough to get professional help. Whether this is due to expense of … Read more


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