Breathe Safe & Clean Air

There is nothing more important than breathing clean, fresh air at home. By cleaning your air ducts, you significantly reduce the possibilities of having any mold growth and dust buildup, which could lead to many serious health problems. You should never wait until the last moment to have your air ducts cleaned, but it’s very important that you choose the right air duct cleaning company. A good professional company should have the right qualifications, services, and be fully insured. Always make sure to do some extensive research before selecting a company. You are trusting them with your health and the health of your loved ones, so it’s important to also feel comfortable with the technicians. Here are a few tips on how you can choose the right air duct cleaning company:

  • Certification – You should make sure that any company you choose is a member of NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association). They should also follow the NADCA code of ethics and standard care when cleaning your air ducts.
  • Be Aware of Scams – Always pay attention to pricing that sounds fishy or suspicious. You should avoid unneeded extra services. A reputable company will give you a quotation by phone in advance, which you can match with the technician, when they arrive to your home. Avoid “House Specials”.
  • Reputation – Does the company have a good reputation with their customers? Are they reliable and on time? Has anyone ever filed a complaint against them? You can always contact the BBB (Better Business Bureau) if you need any references about the company. You should ask for 3-5 references from the company as well.
  • Services – What are you getting for your money? Does the company provide you with the services they mentioned to you? You should feel comfortable enough to ask any questions you have regarding the services. If the company stalls to answer a question, there is a good chance that they are most likely hiding something.
  • Insurance – Is the company properly licensed and insured? If something goes wrong, will the company fix it for you, without an additional cost? Make sure that the company is going to clean and visually inspect all of the air ducts and related system components.

Why Choose Us?

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